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  • Please let Ari know if you would like him to select a song title for you.  Otherwise, if you have a song idea of your own, please provide the details listed below:
  • SONG (Please feel free to submit 1 or 2 songs that you think would pair well with this recipe.  If you don't have a specific song in mind, you can just indicate what dance style you think would pair well, but please submit a song title if you can:
    • Song Name:
    • Artist:
    • Album (if you know):

  • DANCE STYLE  (Please indicate this for each song you submit.  Below are a few styles to select from, or feel free too offer your own if it's not on this list):
    • Blues
    • Triple swing
    • ECS Swing (or Lindy Hop)
    • Balboa
    • Laminu
    • Charleston
    • 1-Step
    • WCS
    • Hustle
    • NC2S
    • Foxtrot
    • Quickstep
    • Polka
    • Schottische
    • Hambo
    • Slow Waltz
    • Cross Step Waltz
    • Rotary Waltz
    • Viennese Waltz
    • Blues waltz
    • Argentinian Tango
    • Ballroom Tango
    • Cha Cha
    • Rhumba
    • Salsa
    • Merengue
    • Bachata
    • Zouk
    • Kizomba
    • Country 2-step
    • Country line dance
    • Contra Dance
    • Zydeco
    • Fusion
    • Micro-Fusion
    • Vintage or Historic Dance  (please describe which in the “other” section below)
    • OTHER (please describe):
  • [OPTIONAL]: Why you think the song and the recipe go together?
  • [OPTIONAL]: What 2 or 3 words might you use to describe both the recipe and the song you are submitting?  (i.e., hot and spicy, calm & mellow, etc)
  • [OPTIONAL]:  Any anecdotal stories about this song in particular, or why it speaks to you?


  • [OPTIONAL]   Please share any favorite dance quotes that you love (please include the name of the author if you know it):